Almost everyone likes to have a drink now and then, get the buzz feeling, forget about the stressful life and enjoy the moment. So, I was coming home on a Friday evening after a hectic week of college and classes and almost everyone I met on the way wanted to know “Where’s the party tonight” and I thought we humans really like to get high. But it turns out not only us but animals like to get high too, I think it’s kind of obvious as we are evolved from them and according to researchers humans learned to get high by observing animals. Here are some the animals who like to be high and how they get high.

5. Elephants and alcohol.

Recent studies have proven that elephants have a very keen interest in alcohol. On 8th November 2017, a herd of 50 elephants ransacked an Indian village after drinking 500 litres of alcohol. They ransacked the nearby houses after finishing the liquor supply in the shop. I guess they wanted more!

4. Reindeer and Magic Mushrooms

Mushrooms are known to induce hallucination and give an experience of altered states of consciousness. Reindeer in eastern Europe fight with each other over the hallucinogenic and highly toxic Amanita muscaria mushrooms. The bright red mushroom is poisonous and causes dizziness in humans. So the native of Siberia used the fungi to the reindeers and then drink their pee to get high. How far can you go to get high??

Photo by Norman Tsui on Unsplash

Photo by Andrew Ridley on Unsplash

3. Bighorn sheep and narcotic lichen.

Wild bighorn sheep go a long distance to obtain a rare narcotic lichen that grows in green and yellow patches on rocks. After scrapping it off the eating they get ill or rather mad. The animal that always follows the herd can go alone, climb dangerous mountains, knife-edged outcrops to eat it. They really love the hit.

2. Capuchin Monkeys and Hallucinogenic Millipedes.

Yes, they use millipedes. The cute looking naughty creatures are more of a party animal than us. Usually, insects let off poisonous substances when agitated and by covering them by it they get an awesome narcotic buzz. Usually, its a kind of party where a herd of Capuchins swap hits of ‘pede‘. It is actually dangerous as it contains cyanide and cause death but hey, Hit is important.

1.Jaguar and the hallucinogenic Yage Vine.

The mighty beast has a soft spot the yage vine which causes hallucination and gives them the buzz. They usually climb on the tree and keep chewing the bark of the tree till they fall down due to hallucination. Even the strongest requires the hit to relax.

Here are the top five animals who likes a good hit. I hope you liked the article and please forgive me for any mistake as this is my first post. So people keep smiling and enjoy the hit and leave a comment.

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